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  Employees joined Amnesty International in protests calling for Google to drop their project to create a special version of its search engine to filter out content deemed undesirable by the China’s government. The “Three T’s” of politically controversial content related to the 1989 Tiananmen Square...

Twenty thousand employees at worldwide locations walked out of offices on November 1 in protest of the company’s policies towards women.  New York Times investigative journalists exposed alleged incidents where senior executives were paid to leave without facing the consequences of sexual harassment complaints.  The...

Like Facebook’s signals last week, according to various reports, Google is planning to launch a censored search app for the Chinese market, codenamed Dragonfly. The US tech giant has long had its search sites blocked by China’s Great Firewall censorship policy, but its Android smartphone platform...

Citing abuse of market power, European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager issued Google a record fine for requiring Samsung, Huawei and other manufacturers to pre-install the Google search app and Chrome browser on Android mobile devices. Android is presently embedded in 80% of global mobile phones,...

The company known for its “Do the right thing” ethics motto announced it will not renew its contract with a Pentagon drone AI program following resignations and a 4000 signature employee petition. Project Maven employs machine learning to differentiate between people and objects in drone footage...

A: “Naturally.” Developments in AI technology aim to make everyday life easier. In particular, voice assistants are a growing phenomenon with strong new platforms being delivered simultaneously by many of the big technology companies. At Google’s annual I/O developers conference on Tuesday, the company outlined a new...

Two cases this week demonstrate that technology platform expansions do not naturally follow reasonable societal expectations, especially where data collection is concerned. After revealing that the privacy of over 87 million Facebook users had been breached, Mark Zuckerberg was this week called to a US Senate...

The NSW Government is accelerating high-tech job opportunities by encouraging the development of a new Sydney Quantum Academy to cultivate the next generation of quantum engineers and put NSW in the fast lane of the #QuantumRace. The $500,000 pledge to the Sydney Quantum Academy proposal is...

Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick testified this week in the US Federal trade secret lawsuit filed by Google subsidiary Waymo regarding confidential information about its AV Lidar systems. The case centres around Anthony Levandowski, a former Google employee, who is accused of stealing 14,000 confidential documents...

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