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Start Your Startup is an Entrepreneurship 101 one-day masterclass to give you the essentials in starting your business journey. The course is for women of all ages as part of The Warren Centre's Inclusion² program to redress the imbalance of women in STEM and entrepreneurship. "Great course...

Entrepreneurship 101 is a one-day masterclass designed to provide women with the essential information they need to begin their journey in entrepreneurship. This course has been uniquely designed to provide women of all ages and skillsets with the building blocks required to become a successful...

"From inspiration at school through to developing the next entrepreneurial leaders in STEM, the Warren Centre’s Inclusion² program is designed increase young women's participation and leadership in STEM. Partially funded under the Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship Program as part of the National Innovation and...

The world order is changing. As the ongoing mood of isolationism further turns America inwardly, the US looks backwards in its search to “make America great again”. How can Australia respond to this changing world order? On the technology and innovation front, the new Australia 2030 Prosperity Through...

Greater participation promises a multi-billion dollar economic payoff for society. Australia’s female participation rate remains around 65%. This week the Ottawa government announced new financing support for female-led businesses among a number of economic initiatives. In the US, FemaleFounders.org launched bold plans to drastically increase the...

The Warren Centre held its INCLUSION² - Entrepreneurship 101 One Day Masterclass event at University of Sydney Business School CBD Campus on Friday 23 February 2018. The Warren Centre’s first Entrepreneurship 101 was attended by about 25 aspiring entrepreneurs from a range of industries. Alex Harrington...

The Warren Centre launched its Inclusion² program earlier this month, with a drinks reception at the University of Sydney Business School featuring many of Australia's top and upcoming female STEM leaders. Jo Burston of Job Capital and  Birds gave a speech on the value of women...

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