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The Warren Center invites you to: THE GREAT DEBATE The Future of Nuclear Energy in Australia DEBATE TWO OF A SERIES OF THREE AS PART OF - THE GREAT DEBATE SERIES "Australia should reconsider its resistance to nuclear energy to support renewables. Fake news?" Renewable energy continues to grow, but what...

The dramatic news of a US-North Korea agreement to eliminate nuclear weapons from the Korean peninsula was accompanied by a new term in Washington: “permanent veritable irreversible dismantlement”. Verifying Korea’s nuclear disarmament is not just a diplomatic effort. It may require significant new chemical, physics and...

Russia’s Akademik Lomonosov, has embarked on its year-long journey to the Arctic port of Pevek. Criticised by Greenpeace as a “nuclear Titanic”, Lomonosov is the first floating nuclear power plant of its kind. The barge will supply 70MW of power and also heating water for a...

A vacuum-pressure impregnated double pancake was cooked by engineers at the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Hefei last week. Weighing in at 400tons the pancake has a diameter of 10m and is built with superconductors. What does one do with...

As the entire world contemplates how to deliver a zero-carbon future, the US “all-of-the-above” energy policy is embracing renewed development of nuclear energy technology. The Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities Act which passed in the US Senate last week would give private companies the license to work...

This week marks the 75th anniversary of the day that the world changed. Scientists from the University of Chicago created the first controlled, self-sustained nuclear chain reaction, a breakthrough that raised new ethical challenges around weaponry and accelerated the end of World War II in the...

Citing Oxford’s Bent Flyvbjerg and a host of capital investments to make the argument, National Geographic reports that mega projects including coal-fired power plants and large mining operations are blowing out budgets and schedules at remarkable rates. With higher financial uncertainty and greater risk of public...

In a slew of announcements and findings this week, the reality is clear.  Renewables are “in”. The UK government reports that only 2% of the nation’s energy in the first half 2017 was powered by coal and the month of October 2017 was the first month...

The conditions deep inside the failed reactors are severe, but the latest generation of diving robots have survived to send back images that show the control rods and possibly melted fuel from the 2010 nuclear accident in Japan. A spokesman for Tokyo Electric said, “This was...

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