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  The Japanese airline ANA made a partnership with a petrochem company named Euglena who will feed algae and recycled waste oil to a bio-refiner to produce renewable biofuel.  The first production is online now at a new facility in Yokohama, and production will double in...

Last week’s Prototype mentioned the final stage of a joint project between BOC and CSIRO to test hydrogen in two fuel cell electric vehicles. A new metal membrane technology developed by CSIRO enables hydrogen to be generated and separated from liquid ammonia, an improvement to...

An astounding array of stories show the global climate at the extremes. The Arctic Circle reached 23℃, heat waves scalded Europe, and wildfires and droughts seem to have become the new normal. On July 23, in the coastal Greek town of Mati, 91 persons were killed...

Solar has now surpassed gas and wind as main source of new US power, but this may be a misleading indicator for growth. The US technically fitted more solar energy than any other source of electricity in Q1 2018 and developers installed 2.5GW of solar in...

Last week The Warren Centre held its first energy forum of the year, THE GREAT DEBATE: Demand Management in Australia, where experts described how demand management in combination with renewable energy could eliminate the need for Australia to build another coal fired power plant. But can...

The Warren Centre’s expert panel at the first Great Debate on May 24th at the University of Sydney declared that smart systems coordinating renewable energy and storage technologies will solve Australia’s energy supply problems. “Advances in demand management technology are accelerating the death of coal as...

Many US corporations have criticised the Trump administration for rolling back renewable energy targets, the latest being Apple. Demonstrating their full commitment, Apple declared this week that 100% of its global facilities are now powered entirely by renewable energy. Meanwhile, Portugal has reported that for the...

Solar, wind and enabling battery technologies reached new milestones locally and across the globe this week. NSW’s largest wind farm was approved this week by the state and will bring cleaner energy, 800 jobs and lower energy prices. The $640 million Liverpool Range Wind Farm’s 272...

The Victorian Government has called for expressions of interest to examine whether pumped hydro can viably be used to store electricity, using Bendigo’s empty mineshafts which were abandoned after the end of the gold rush. A pre-feasibility study by Bendigo Sustainability Group (BSG) found that a...

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