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Despite an ongoing trade war with the USA, the Made in China 2025 campaign is ramping up efforts for massive acquisition and deployment of robotic technology. The China robot strategy includes the domestic manufacture of robots and the internal deployment of locally-made robots in Chinese...

Researchers at Harvard and Boston University have developed a new fabrication technique to assemble highly functional millimetre-sized soft robots with micrometre-scaled features. The capabilities of this technique were evaluated using a soft robotic spider, inspired by Australia’s millimetre sized peacock spider. The Microfluidic Origami for Reconfigurable...

Engineers at the University of Washington who developed an insect sized-robot that weighs only as much as a toothpick will showcase their technology in Brisbane next week at an IEEE conference. “RoboFly” is the smallest robot to undertake an untethered flight, relying on a laser beam...

Amazon’s Lab126 R&D division is believed to be developing a robot nicknamed “Vesta” that uses cameras to pilot around the home autonomously. The technology used for this domestic robot might do even more by utilising a combination of cameras, artificial intelligence, computer vision software and...

Automation continues to become adopted by major international corporations, leaving many workers wondering how they will adapt to this change. Walmart is planning to cut thousands of jobs by automating the checkout process, as well as introducing shelf-scanning stock keeping robots and autonomous cleaning robots. Last...

While the development of robotics has seen restricted movements in joints, and a clear difference between the fluidity of human movement, a new field of study called ‘soft robotics’ aims to change all that. The new class of robotic muscle called a “hydraulically amplified self-healing electrostatic”...

As military AI advances into the realm of predicting optimal war strategies and further integrates with heavy weaponry, where do policy makers draw the line? A large group of AI researchers have urged both the Canadian and Australian governments to ban the development of “killer robots”...

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