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On 22 February 2019 at 12:35pm AEST SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket.  These blast offs by the private space industry have become so common in the last 5 years....

An updated iteration of the Falcon 9 rocket has returned from its maiden flight, delivering a Bangladeshi telecommunications satellite into orbit. The Block 5 completed lift off at the Kennedy Space Centre last Friday afternoon and within 9 minutes, its booster component landed safely on a...

Using the historical NASA launch pad that sent the first man to the moon some 50 years ago, SpaceX’s latest accomplishment successfully sent its test payload into the solar system. Twice as large as its closest competitor and costing one tenth NASA’s equivalent development, the Falcon...

Space start-up Rocket Lab has launched its first rocket into orbit from New Zealand. The launch, aimed at bringing small devices to space, combines carbon fibre components with 3D-printed engines and costs about US$5m per launch at the company’s own launch pad in the Mahai...

Boeing’s Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg repeated his declared goal to beat SpaceX to Mars. With Boeing as the main contractor to the core stages of the Space Launch System rocket, Muilenburg said, “This is a rocket that’s about 36 stories tall.  We’re in the final assembly...

Although staying up until 3am isn’t something parent’s allow their kids to usually do, when their space coded school experiments are on board a SpaceX rocket about to launch to the ISS, an exception can be made. The experiments are part of the Cuberider Space Program...

Continuing to break new ground in the launch business, SpaceX has secured a contract to launch the Air Force’s secretive space plane, the X-37B. Following SpaceX’s first successful defence satellite launch in early May, the company has broken the monopoly held by the Boeing-Lockheed United Launch...

Not only did SpaceX return to flight with a successful launch of ten Iridium satellites, they achieved a string of firsts. Saturday’s launch demonstrated the first barge landing off the west coast of the US. Cameras captured incredible footage the whole way down. Preparations for...

Four months after the spectacular Falcon 9 launch pad explosion, SpaceX is preparing to launch rockets again. In a fascinating technical investigation, it was concluded that the likely blast culprit was interaction between supercooled helium and oxygen.  Liquid helium at -269C is so cold that...

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