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We invite you to be our guest and join us for an intimate evening, to celebrate all we have achieved together through the INCLUSION² program and discover where this new community is heading in 2019.  Tickets are FREE, simply reserve your place. We wish to thank you for...

The Nobel Prize has long been held as the gold standard for excellence, but some have asked whether recent controversies require a rethink of the award. The Prize has a poor track record of recognising the contributions of women. A sexual and financial misconduct scandal...

Start Your Startup is an Entrepreneurship 101 one-day masterclass to give you the essentials in starting your business journey. The course is for women of all ages as part of The Warren Centre's INCLUSION² program to redress the imbalance of women in STEM and entrepreneurship. Register for...

With women playing a more important role in the Australian workforce than ever before, how can companies better utilise their diverse and unique talents? In 1970, only 39.5% of Australian women aged between 25 and 64 years of age, participated in the labour market. By...

https://youtu.be/t5AiZHSzBoY Twenty role models showcase why engineering careers give the next generation of innovators and creators the power to create real differences. Entrepreneurs, researchers, biomedical engineers and renewable energy advocates describe how their career paths empower them to become the change that they want to see...

Three Melbourne university researchers have analysed 10 million academic papers and contributing authors data to conclude that “your grandchildren may retire” before gender equality is reached in academic research. Prof Luke Holman said, “Topics with the fewest women authors included computer science, mathematics, surgery and chemistry.”...

Entrepreneurship 101 is a one-day masterclass designed to provide women with the essential information they need to begin their journey in entrepreneurship. This course has been uniquely designed to provide women of all ages and skillsets with the building blocks required to become a successful...

"From inspiration at school through to developing the next entrepreneurial leaders in STEM, the Warren Centre’s Inclusion² program is designed increase young women's participation and leadership in STEM. Partially funded under the Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship Program as part of the National Innovation and...

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