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When an automotive company issues a safety recall they know the exact vehicle identification numbers and production dates. For many implanted engineered medical devices, there is not an equivalent the serial number and registration system that enables the same level of traceability. The persistent medical problems...

Following strong efforts to host Vogue Codes to promote female computer coding and to launch a “Women in Technology” campaign, Westpac announced this week that they have achieved a corporate target of 50% women in leadership roles by 2017. The target was set in 2012...

Industry heavyweights continue to call for greater diversity in the tech sector, and three executives from Atlassian, SAP and IBM shared their experiences in developing successful diversity inclusion strategies. In parallel, Australian social anthropologist Dr. Genevieve Bell leveraged her decade of experience at Intel to advocate...

The IT industry’s sexism woes were illustrated this week by a Fast Company interview with the founders of online art-market startup Witchsy. Penelope Gazin and Kate Dwyer found that male developers and designers they hired often took a condescending tone with them. Their solution? They created...

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