The newly launched PPIR Program will continue The Warren Centre’s task of disseminating professional performance to the engineering profession and industry.

In April 2015, we completed the PPIR project, which developed and tested the full suite of PPIR training and industry processes. I am now pleased to announce the launch of the PPIR Program, which continues the task of disseminating Professional Performance to the engineering profession and industry.

The PPIR Program is led by an Advisory of senior professionals who promote ongoing adoption by industry and increased recognition by individuals of the widely accepted elements of performance.

To date, our team of trainers have facilitated workshops for over 450 participants from 18 organisations, including contracting companies, design consultants and government authorities. We have received highly positive feedback from both the organisations and the participants.

We are now working to offer our program more broadly to Australian engineering organisations seeking to improve the performance of their engineering and project teams.

We are actively investigating the incorporation of PPIR into tertiary engineering courses, and we will present a workshop on this topic at the upcoming AAEE Conference. We are also closely communicating with Engineers Australia and other professional associations to promote adoption of PPIR by the Australian engineering profession.

Further information on the PPIR Program can be found on the PPIR Program website, in our flyer PPIR: a program for professional performance, or by joining the PPIR LinkedIn group.

View this PPIR update in full (PDF, 341kB)

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