This week in AI: Two sides of the same coin

A few stories this week reveal the double edged sword of artificial intelligence.

First, WIRED writer Mike Lynch predicts that 2018 will be the year that the world sees much more truly autonomous weaponised AI that distributes its blows gradually, silently and practically without a trace, leading to a year of machine-on-machine attacks.

Second, given an audio waveform, researchers can now produce an almost indistinguishable version that makes speech AI transcribe something else completely.

Third, inevitable job displacement worries continue as fast food companies like America’s Jack in the Box are looking to replace their human cashiers with electric kiosks as minimum wages increase. However, new jobs are also being created. From VR/AR to e-marketing to data analysis many industries will need new experts to keep pace with changing technological landscapes. A greater focus on innovation and creation is predicted in the coming years, whilst repetitive and mundane tasks are automated.

Lastly, AI that hunts the hunter have also been created to curb poachers by identifying the locations illegal hunters are likely to strike before they actually arrive.

It will be interesting to see what new developments emerge this year.

Read more: WIRED / WIRED (2) / MIT Tech Review / Fortune / IEEE Spectrum

Image: Intographics / CC0-1.0 – AI Yin Yang

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