Twitter highlights from the Innovation Lecture with Marita Cheng

The Warren Centre held its Innovation Lecture with Marita Cheng: Engineering A Better World event at Westin Sydney on Wednesday 14 September. Many thanks to Marita and everyone who came to the event for making it such a success.

Marita is an entrepreneur, engineer, and an inspiring humanitarian. She brings together these capabilities to develop technology solutions that demonstrate how engineers can invent the change they want to see in people’s lives. The lecture discussed Marita’s experiences in the Australian tech world as the founder of three start-up organisations.

Here are some Twitter highlights that our audience shared during the event. You can use the#TWCinnovation hashtag to discuss and browse any event by The Warren Centre, and you can follow us at@thewarrencentre. You can also follow our Executive Director, Ashley Brinson, at @jashleyb and our COO, Alex Harrington at @AlexInnovation. Marita is on Twitter as @maritacheng.



View video highlights of the event

Engineering A Better World is part of The Warren Centre’s Innovation Lecture series. The event was kindly sponsored by the University of Sydney and ShelstonIP.

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