Upguard – All-In-One Cyber Resilience Platform

Ever since the creation of the internet, cybersecurity has always been an issue. As software technologies progress, new vulnerabilities are discovered, but new solutions are often too little too late.

UpGuard is an Australian born US-based start-up and first of its kind cyber resilience platform that automatically scans every server, application, network and mobile devices in its online environment. It continually assesses the system for security vulnerabilities, configuration drifts, and procedural changes, dynamically producing a singular cybersecurity risk score, CSTAR, that determines the cyber risk levels of IT assets against a variety of factors.

UpGuard’s software helped international media conglomerate Viacom avoid hackers from a major cloud leak last year, proving the company’s viability and worth.

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Image: UpGuard – Upguard cybersecurity seminar intro

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