VIDEO: Professionalising Fire Safety Engineering

“Being able to deliver a safe environment for occupants of buildings is a fundamental social responsibility that we have as governments, as engineers, as professionals.” – Professor José Torero 

At the launch of the Fire Safety Engineering Project on July 24, The Warren Centre’s Distinguished Overseas Fellow Professor Jose Torero shared insights from his expert testimony at the Grenfell Tower Inquiry.

Professor Peter Shergold AC, co-author of Building Confidence, added his insights. “What happened in London can happen and indeed has happened elsewhere…. We saw at the Lacrosse Building in the Docklands of Melbourne: there but for the grace of God go we.”

The Fire Safety Engineering project is an evidence-based research project to examine the state of the professionalisation of fire safety engineering. The project is being conducted a team of world-class researchers and broad industry participants, led by Professor Torero.

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