Watch: the future of innovation with Wyatt Roy & Salah Sukkarieh

Check out the highlights from The Warren Centre’s 2015 Innovation Lecture, with the Hon Wyatt Roy MP, Assistant Minister for Innovation, and Salah Sukkarieh, Professor of Robotic and Intelligent Systems at the University of Sydney:

Mr Roy talked about the importance of innovation to the Australian Government; and how culture, capital and commercialisation of research will form the backbone of the upcoming Innovation Statement. Professor Sukkarieh’s keynote lecture, Robotics, Automation and Intelligent Operations, was an exciting exploration of the future of robotics and autonomous systems.

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The Warren Centre’s Innovation Lecture Series and our Innovation Hero Awards put successful Australian innovators in the public spotlight, showcasing innovation across the engineering universe. We are privileged to present a great selection of Australian achievers, and to recognise success in innovation.

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