Wireless Connectivity to Improve Road Safety

Road safety has been continually improving, but the rate of road accidents is still at an unacceptably high level. If anything close to the number of deaths and injuries we experience on the roads were to take place in air or rail travel, we would demand that something be done.

The Warren Centre is initiating a project which will aim to identify a way ahead to achieve an order of magnitude reduction in the risk of road deaths building on Australia’s leadership of Wi-Fi technology.It will seek to bring together four key areas – road agencies; vehicle designers and regulators; telecommunications service providers and regulators; and human machine interface and systems experts.

It is hoped that the outcomes of this project will provide a new focus for rejuvenating Australian industry through application of innovative technologies which will ultimately lead to a dramatic reduction of the social and economic cost of road accidents.

We are seeking support both financial and in-kind support for this exciting new project and would welcome your input – please contact Nick Cerneaz at The Warren Centre for more information.

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